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The Mega PREP course is an intense one-day exam course for the Pearson Vue real estate licensing exam. The Mega PREP course is a comprehensive course with content for the national/general portion of the Pearson Vue licensing exam as well as the Texas/state specific portion of the exam.

The instructor, Leslie Purvis, the most experienced exam prep instructor in Texas, has been teaching exam prep courses and writing exam prep study guides for more than 30 years. When you attend the Mega PREP course you will benefit from her decades of experience and realize that her one day Mega PREP course is more effective than a two or three day course from another instructor.

The Mega PREP material is complete and concise with focus on theoretical concepts and topics on the National portion of the state exam and practical topics and questions on the State Specific portion of the exam. There are 85 scored and pre-test questions on the National portion of the exam and 40 scored and pre-test questions on the State Specific portion of the exam. The exam is 4 hours and is presented in multiple choice question/answer format. The subjects on the national portion are property ownership, appraisal, financing, contracts, discrimination, legal descriptions, math and other topics. The subjects on the state specific portion are Texas real estate contracts, laws, rules, agency relationships, special topics and TREC procedures, education and licensing.

Class enrollment is limited. Pre-registration is required and guarantees your enrollment in the class date of your choice. In addition to having a reserved seat in class, when you pre-register, your exam prep guide will be shipped to you so that you will have time to study and prepare before attending class. Tuition is $169 and is non-refundable.

Class hours are 9 am to 5 pm.


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 I thought the online program was fabulous! I spent the last day prior to taking the test almost exclusively on the computer taking and retaking the various tests. It was extremely helpful that I could isolate those particular areas that I was needing additional study time and exclusively answer those questions. It definitely made me feel more confident when I went to actually take the exam because I felt like I knew what the actual testing process would feel like. I would highly recommend it to anyone (including students not at Purvis)! I really think you have a great product out there! 
Lisa Ackerson, Fort Worth