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Special Instructions for Minimum Course Completion Times

Our online qualifying education courses are offered through a partnership with, TREC Provider #4591. Refund requests are offered for 3 days after your purchase date.

Texas Real Estate Commission Rules require that you have a proctor for the end-of-course final exam on each of your 6 qualifying, pre-licensing courses. If you purchase the #1 course package, you can record your final examination from the convenience and privacy of your own computer and the system proctor will review your final exam video once you have completed and passed the exam. In addition, TREC Rules require that you spend the requisite number of hours to complete each 30 hour course. It takes at least 3 days or 72 hours to complete each 30 hour Qualifying Real Estate course. The soonest you are allowed to complete the 180 hour course package, which consists of 6 courses, is 18 days. Please take your time, study the material and take at least 3 days to complete each 30 hour course before taking your exam. 

#1 Premium Package: 180 Hour Real Estate Licensing Courses with eBOOKs and Remote, Recorded Final Exam Proctoring for $429
Our #1 premium package feature the convenience of remote proctoring. With remote proctoring you have the flexibility to take your final exams from the convenience of your own computer, 24/7. On the next business day, the exam proctor will review the video and exam completion affidavit.  After successful completion of the exam, your course completion certificate is released. Your computer will share your screen, with a camera and microphone, to record and communicate with the remote proctoring system that is used when you take each end-of-course final exam.

Real Estate Principles I: TREC #121
Real Estate Principles II: TREC #122
Law of Agency: TREC #1151
Law of Contracts: TREC #1251
Real Estate Finance I: TREC #0451
Promulgated Contract Forms: TREC #0351
Online Practice Exam 

Upon successful completion of quizzes and a final exam, you will be issued a course completion certificate for each of the six TREC required 30 hour courses. You must spend the requisite number of hours in each 30 hour course. Daily course segments cannot exceed 12 hours. Regardless of the actual amount of time that it takes you to complete a course, you must wait 3 days between the starting date and time of each course and the final exam date and time for each course. Each certificate will include a beginning and ending date. Course beginning/ending dates and times that reflect less than 3 days for completion will not be acceptable and you will be required to re-take the course. Your minimum completion time for 6 courses is 18 days, provided you spend at least 10 hours each day with your coursework. 

All online courses are offered through, Inc.
Continuing Education Provider # 0238
Qualifying (Prelicense and SAE) Provider # 4591