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Continuing Education


Important Info: Purvis Real Estate Training offers CE/continuing education courses for SAE and CE credits.
Real Estate Sales Agent and Broker licenses are issued for two-year time periods. 
There are a few people who are exceptions to the TREC Rules because of college credits and other issues.
Please contact our office at 817-738-4669 for clarification or assistance to determine if you need SAE or CE education.

First-Time License Renewal for Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE and CE): A Sales Agent is required to complete 98 hours of education when a license is renewed for the first time. TREC issues licenses for a two-year time period and TREC rules require completion of education before the license can be renewal fees may be paid to TREC. We recommend that you complete your education 30 days before your license expiration date. The continuing education for a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent is 90 hours of qualifying education (previously known as CORE education) and 8 hours of CE (previously known as MCE or mandatory continuing education).

The CE course topics are TREC Legal Update I and TREC Legal Update II. Each course is 4 hours of CE credit for a total of 8 hours of CE. The SAE course topics for 90 hours of SAE is any of the TREC qualifying education courses such as Real Estate Law and Real Estate Marketing. You may repeat courses that were taken for pre-licensing so long as it has been 2 years since the course completion date. To allow adequate time for TREC processing, we recommend that the CE be completed 30 days before the license expiration date. Your CE course credits are submitted to TREC by Purvis. Your SAE course credits and course completion certificates are submitted by the licensee. 

Second and Subsequent License Renewal Info (CE): After completion of the first license renewal, CE or continuing education is required every two years. The licensee is required to complete 18 hours of CE when renewing a license on ACTIVE status with TREC. Licenses on INACTIVE status with TREC are not required to complete CE before license renewal.

Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE Education) for 1st Time License Renewal 

Classroom Format SAE Prices
98 hours of classroom format SAE is $549 (includes Legal Update 1 & 2)
90 hours of classroom format SAE is $449

Online SAE Course Prices
98 hours of SAE is $449 (includes Legal Update 1 & 2) with remote proctoring of exams; remote proctors are available 24/7

CE or Continuing Education for Subsequent License Renewals
All Classroom (Live Instruction) CE Courses are offered thru Purvis Real Estate Training Institute at 2020 Montgomery Street in Fort Worth. TREC MCE Provider #0197. 

18 Hour, All Inclusive CE Course Package is $149