The education requirement for a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent's License is 
180 hours of Qualifying real estate courses.

We recommend that you review all of the instructions before starting the application process. If you know all of the details involved in each individual step, it will help you complete the process with the least amount of delays.

1. TAKE YOUR REQUIRED COURSES AT PURVIS REAL ESTATE TRAINING INSTITUTE. After your education is completed you may apply for an Inactive Sales Agent's License with the Texas Real Estate Commission. TREC rules require a prospective Sales Agent to complete 180 classroom hours of qualifying education.

2. SET-UP AS A NEW USER WITH TREC’S ONLINE SERVICES: Please register on TREC’s website and request a User ID. It is a fairly simple process but please be aware that the name used as the “Account Owner Contact Information” should be the name on your Driver’s License. Contact TREC with questions at 512-936-3000.  TREC will email you a temporary password so that you can create a user account. If your temporary password is not received in your email IN box, check your email SPAM or JUNK email folder. (Scroll down to the lower left corner of the screen and select the text “You must first REGISTER HERE to get a User ID in this new system”).

3. LOG-IN AS A RETURNING USER ON TREC'S ONLINE LICENSING SERVICE: Your User ID is your email address. TREC will email a temporary password. Here is the link You will need to be able to print or save your License Application Summary and Payment Confirmation. At the end of the Summary and Payment Confirmation is a bar code and ID number that you will need to submit with any correspondence or documents that are provided to TREC.

4. APPLY FOR YOUR INACTIVE SALES AGENT'S LICENSE: The fee is $205. Use your name as it appears on your Driver’s License and your account registration/license application with TREC. Save a copy of your Application Summary as a PDF file or print a paper version of your Application Summary. To apply online, use the link and “Licensee or Applicant Login” area: If you prefer to submit an application by mail it may take longer to arrive for processing. Use the link:

5. EMAIL YOUR EDUCATION TO TREC: Send your real estate school course completion certificates, as well as a copy of your Application Summary and Online Payment confirmation form to TREC. The most efficient, time saving system is to email your info to the documents. When you email your documents to TREC, be sure to include your legal name in the name of any email attachments.


If you submit a complete application with all college transcripts, real estate course completion certificates, Background History Form (if necessary), license application confirmation and summary, the processing time is approximately 30 days. All of the supporting documents for your license application can be submitted via email to

6. BACKGROUND INFORMATION :& FITNESS DETERMINATION: If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, have unpaid judgments or had discipline taken against a professional or occupational license or performed unlicensed activity, you should complete and submit a “Fitness Determination” form prior to filing your application. Filing this form prior to your application is significantly cheaper than paying for an application, examination, and education necessary to receive a license. You must also submit the Background History Form via email and the link is If you have not been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, etc. the information is not required.

we recommend that you attend our one-day MEGA Prep Course to be sure you are prepared for the licensing exam. This course will take the guesswork out of studying and preparing for the test. You will be provided with ALL of the materials you need to pass the exam. When you pay for a 180 hour in classroom format course package, the Mega PREP course is included in your enrollment. 

8. TAKE THE STATE EXAM AT PEARSON VUE. The state exam consists of two sections: National and State Specific portions. There are 80 multiple-choice questions on the National portion of the exam and 30 questions on the State Specific portion of the exam. You will have 4 hours to complete the exam. You will know your test scores as soon as you finish taking the exam. There are Pearson Vue exam locations in Arlington, Hurst, Carrollton, Dallas, Abilene, Tyler, Waco and Austin. The exam fee is $54. Call Pearson Vue at 800-997-1248 or to make an exam appointment. Remember, you cannot make an exam appointment until TREC approves your license application and provides you with an ID number which will allow you to access the Pearson Vue examination reservation system.

These are special FBI fingerprints which must be obtained specifically for TREC and the Department of Public Safety/DPS. An appointment is
required. The Service Code is 11G7QT. To make your appointment and pay the $38.25 fee, visit: or call 855-845-7434.

10. INTERVIEW BROKERS. While you are waiting for your license application to be processed is one of the best times to interview potential brokers. Although broker sponsorship is NOT required to apply for your license, broker sponsorship is required before you may begin acting as a real estate agent. 

11. RECEIVE YOUR OFFICIAL REAL ESTATE LICENSE. Broker Sponsorship is managed thru TREC's online license management system. Either you or your broker may initiate the process. Your active real estate sales agent’s license will be e-mailed to your sponsoring broker after you have passed the licensing exam.

You have 12 months from your license application date to complete all education and fingerprint requirements, as well as pass both sections of the licensing exam.